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2216 Dundee Road
Louisville, KY, 40205
United States

Ben Naiser, professional tattoo artist. Using creative means to make ideas a visual reality.


FREQUENTLY asked questions. please read before contacting ben

  • What is the best way to contact Ben?

    • email

  • How far out is Ben booking appointments?

    • at least a month, could be longer!

    • good things come to those that wait!

  • What days does Ben work?

    • during Spring/Summer months: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 12:00-8:00

    • during Fall/Winter months: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12:00-8:00

  • How much will my tattoo cost?

    • at most your tattoo will cost $100 an hour. 3 hours = $300

    • feel free to ask Ben about this, pricing is based on his knowledge of what tattoos cost across the USA

  • Can I pay with a Credit Card?

    • yes, but it does cost money to process credit cards. + $4 to every $100, + $2 to every $50

  • Does Ben use color?

    • yes, but it costs extra

    • also, all colors heal different depending on your skin tone

  • Does Ben do coverup tattoos?

    • yes… you must meet with him, so he can see if a coverup is even possible. and talk about your options

  • Is Ben familiar with working on scar tissue and diseased skin?

    • the simple answer… NO. if you have a concern please visit Ben during his business hours to show him your skin

  • Is Ben perfect and prepared to handle anything thrown his way?

    • Ben is not perfect, things can and will happen. so please be prepared to work with Ben on any issues that arise.

    • Ben can try his best to work with you, but if your situation is extreme or too loose, you may be refused service.

    • Ben absolutely will not make you an appointment unless you are absolutely certain you will show up.